Who We Are

FateEye is a manufacturer of automotive LED lighting products.
We focus on the development of unique products that integrate the latest LED and optical technologies,
Using advanced production technology and high-end manufacturing technology, we have been committed to creating high value products.
Through direct production of many of our products, we can carefully control the quality, while being more flexible to meet the unique needs of our customers,
we provide our products with barrier-free warranty and perfect return policy, and provide the best possible service support experience


It seems that many manufacturers pay attention to the price, but we pay more attention to the quality Our team also has many partners who are not satisfied with the market status quo, so they are constantly innovating and breaking through themselves. We have developed many projects together and maintained a long-term and in-depth cooperation. We constantly improve our products to meet or exceed customer expectations, and we strictly comply with ISO standards to manufacture and sell automotive lighting products


Our FateEye team consists of a group of people with excellent R&D and design skills. Team members always adhere to the concept of customer first, the use of flexible sales skills, with a warm and sincere service attitude to serve our customers. The FateEye team will provide sustainable certainty products and continuously optimized and upgraded services to bring better product experience to our end customers and create value for the development of the industry.

In the future

Starting to create the brand, we are enthusiastic about automotive lighting industry, is very interested in technology, team members will continue to communicate with customers, to exchange views, just to put the products do better, in fact, every product we launched, will receive a lot of praise, which we are encouraged by the whole team. And it strengthens our resolve to keep doing it.
The FateEye team, with the inherent spirit of adventure and innovation, "change is impossible" and never stop.