LED Headlight bulbs Frequently Asked Questions

FateEye FAQ

Most commonly asked about our headlights

1.How to choose my model? How to find out my high beam, low beam bulbs, or fog light model?

-Find on your vehicle user manual, check out the model, or you can find model which usually was printed on original bulbs ,just take out and check the size on the bottom

 Please Note :

(1. The check vehicle tools filter system on our web may not be 100% accurate, the bulb size may vary between trim of your vehicle. Please double check owners manual or original bulb size to confirm before placing an order.

(2If the LED headlight bulb and fan do not work after installation, please try 180°reverse the plug and reconnect.


2.How bright is this? Is it safe and not blind oncoming traffic ?

Fateeye led headlight bulbs will not blind oncoming traffic, and it is more bright than halogen bulbs

3.One of the headlights doesn’t work, is it covered under warranty?

Yes, you can easily get in touch with our customer service anytime, even at the weekend. They will usually reply within 24 hours.

In my experience, check the connector, sometimes it’s just the plug that’s loose. Try to attach the external driver in place, this will avoid the plug getting loose.

4.Can I replace if the headlight doesn't fit at all?

Take a video and contact with us on facebook check details on our shipping&return pages

5.Is this for one or do they come as a set of 2?

Fateeye LED headlight bulbs are 2 bulbs in a package, thanks

6.How do you replace a headlight, how to remove the halogen bulb?

See our assembly instructons or video 

You can also follow our facebook page/youtube channel and watch the video, if you cannot find out send mails to us service@fateeye.com

Halogen bulbs and HID bulbs are usually inserted into the back of the headlight housing from inside the engine compartment. Many bulbs are a twist-lock design. You twist the bulb connector counterclockwise to unlock the bulb from its housing, then pull out the connector and change the bulb.

Some bulbs are held in the back of the headlight housing by metal clips, which must be carefully removed to change the bulb.

On some vehicles, access to the back of the headlight housing may be restricted or blocked by other components that are in the way, which mean you may have to remove some covers, trim or the headlight housing itself to change the bulb

When installing a new bulb, DO NOT touch the glass with our bare fingers because the oils on your skin can contaminate the glass and cause it to crack when the bulb gets hot. Handle the bulb by the plastic base only.

7.Will these fit as replacement bulbs for a 2017 f150? I want to replace my haligen lights foe led lights

For your 2017 Ford F-150, yes, Our H11 led headlight bulbs are for high low beam, 9005 as your low beam, your fog light is 9140

8.Will this fit a 2017 Honda CRV

For your car 2017 Honda CR-V, yes, our H11 LED headlight bulbs fit for your car as low beam or fog light. your high beam is 9005.

9.Any interference with the radio with these installed?

Fateeye car lights can solve 95% of the vehicle's radio interference problem, and only a very small number of vehicles need to install a decoder to solve it. You can buy with confidence, even if you eventually encounter such a problem, we will do our best to help you solve it.

10.Is this high and low beam?

Different cars have different models of high beam and low beam. You must choose the interface model of the light according to your actual car model. You can contact our customer service directly.

11.Do I need to buy a anti flicker / decoder kit  at the same time to solve the possible flicker problem?

Fateeye led bulbs fit with 95% vehicle, but for vehicle like Dodge, Jeep, BMW, Volvo etc, extra canbus are needed to avoid flickering or dashboard error, If you encounter such a problem, we can provide canbus for free.

12.Are Fateeye LED bulbs plug and play? Do I need any modification?

For most vehicles, Fateeye LED bulbs could offer a plug and play installation.
For factory H1, H3 and HID bulbs, some modifications will be needed, but it's easy to make it work.

13.Do I need a special clip to use Fateeye LED bulbs on my vehicle?

For some models of BMW/ Mercedes Benz/ Volkswagen/ Kia/ Hyundai, you will need special clip to mount the bulb into the assembly.

14.What does CAN Bus mean?

CAN Bus means Controller Area Network Bus. This system monitors your vehicle and reports operating conditions. CAN Bus systems are commonly found in European vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, and in many American vehicles. While most late model American vehicles have CAN Bus systems, it is always good to check with your vehicle dealer to see which system your vehicle has before purchasing electrical products.

15.What Is A “CANBus Error”?

CANBus errors are a common risk when fitting any LED bulb to your vehicle.
In short, CANBus errors appear on the dashboard when your vehicle thinks there is a fault.
If an error appears even though your bulb is working, a resistor kit may be required.

16.What LED Bulb Will I Need For My Car?

If you’re unsure what bulbs your vehicle takes then it’s always best to carry out a few checks:
(1.Check the vehicle manual
(2.Remove the bulbs and check the markings
(3.Remove the bulbs, take a picture of them and email them to us
(4.Ask the dealership
(5.Use this Link to check out:https://www.automotivebulbfinder.com/philips/
Checking online forums or asking on Reddit might seem like a good idea but you might be getting the wrong information.

17.How to LED headlights differ from HID or halogen headlights?

LED headlights, taillights and trim lights are solid state light emitting diodes. They have no filament and no glass bulb. The surface of the LED glows brightly to produce visible light when the LED is on. Various coatings are used to modify the color of the light. LED lights consume much less power than incandescent or halogen headlights, and they will usually last the life of the vehicle.

18.Can I put LED bulbs in my stock HID headlights?

No. LED headlight conversion kits are only designed to work with stock halogen bulbs and assemblies.

19.Will converting my headlight to LED or HID damage my assemblies?

No. High-quality LED or HID conversion kits will not damage your headlight assemblies or your vehicle’s power supply. However, cheap and low-quality kits can as a result of their high operating wattage amongst other things.

20.Can LED Headlights Be Installed Upside Down?

It is possible to install LED headlights upside down, but this will make them dangerous – as they might blind other drivers or have misaligned beams. Ensure the diodes are horizontal and the shield, if the bulb has one, is at the bottom.

21.Which way should the chips face on your LED headlights?

One of the most common questions we hear every day is what orientation should my LED bulb face? LED's are “directional” light sources, which means they emit light in a specific direction, unlike halogen, which emits light in 360°. The light will otherwise appear to have a poor output or beam pattern, not to mention the glare it may cause other drivers. That's why LED bulbs have to be positioned correctly according to the different optical design of the headlamps.

For single filament bulbs, the diodes (LED chips) should always be in a side to side orientation, meaning, you should have one set of LED's facing at 3 o’clock and the other set facing at 9 o’clock. This will allow a nice and even 360° light distribution throughout the housing creating an even beam of light as well as evenly fill up the housing.

For dual headlight setups that provide low and high beams from one bulb we will use the same side to side orientation. There are two sets of LED chips on both sides of the bulb for dual beam bulbs and the two chip sets need to be aligned according to the illustration as below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In most cases all bulbs are initially set to an optimal operating angle and adjustment is not always required. Check the bulb orientation right away after you put the LED bulbs in before any harness is connected. Please check the LED Bulb Adjustment Guide for details on how to adjust the angle of the bulbs.

-------Other question about headlight-------

 When I need to replace my headlight?

When the original bulbs damaged, not clear or you find the current lightness are lower than your expectations.

The filament inside an incandescent bulb or halogen bulb is the weak link. It operates at extremely high temperature, and is brittle. Over time, the filament will thin and eventually break. Excessive vibration (like driving on extremely rough roads) may also cause the filament to fail prematurely. Rocks kicked up by traffic can also break out a headlight if it penetrates the outer cover and hits the bulb inside. Electrical faults in the headlight wiring, connectors, relays or lighting control module may also prevent a headlight from working.

Should I replace both headlights at the same time if one has burned out?

Yes. Both headlights have the same number of hours of use, so if one headlight has burned out the other headlight is probably near the end of its life too. 

Do LED headlights run hotter or cooler than halogen headlights?

It depends where you make the temperature measurement. The temperature of the tungsten filament inside a halogen headlight is around 4600 degrees, while the surface of the bulb itself may be 160 degrees F or higher. It's certainly hot enough to burn your fingers! By comparison, the front surface temperature of a LED headlight may only be half as much at 70 to 80 degrees F. But the backside of the LED where the electronics and heat sink are located may be as hot as 100 to 200 degrees F

How long do the LED headlights last?

LED headlights have no filament or glass bulb and will last tens of thousands of hours, which is usually the life of the vehicle. Fateeye led can last for 5,000-100,000 hours depends how much night driving. The life of the average halogen headlight is about 4-6 years. It depends how much night driving you do and how many hours the headlights are used (day or night). HID headlight bulbs do not have filaments so they are much longer lived (10 years or more)

What are fog lights?

Fog lights are yellow tinted lights that cut though fog and haze better than white lights during rainy, damp weather. Yellow light actually produces less reflection and glare than white or bluish light when there is a lot of moisture in the air

What are daytime headlights?

Daytime headlights are headlights that remain on whenever the vehicle is driven, day or night. To extend bulb life, daytime headlights may be run at 50 percent of normal brightness. The purpose of daytime headlights is safety by making your vehicle more visible to other drivers and pedestrians.

Are headlight bulb upgrades worth the money?

It depends what you want. If you do a lot of night driving and are tired or replacing bulbs more frequently than usual,If you want better nighttime visibility, there are bulbs that offer a brighter, whiter light output.Buy a pair of long life bulbs like Fateeye led headlights is a perfect choice for you