"CHANGE THE IMPOSSIBLE", this is the original intention of the creation of FATEEYE

After graduation, I started to work in a car company, and my colleagues and I often used one of the company's jeeps to drive around on weekends to play. On a Saturday night as we habitually proceeded along the country road, we almost ran into a feral cat crossing the road.

We discover that our headlights weren't bright enough and shining far enough. It almost led to a big disaster.

After returning to the company, we looked for many brands of headlights for testing, discover that almost all of the lights are not bright enough. We realize that there should be many people who have the same problem as us, but there is no better product to choose from.

So, an idea came to us —— Why don't we try to make a high quality led headlights that meets the needs of night drive ourselves?

We began to study the structure and principle of auto headlight blubs, trying to solve the problems caused by product defects. Our plan is very simple, combine reasonable design and reliable raw materials. We began to look for professional engineers, visit well-known material vendors in the industry...

A few months later, our first product successfully rolled off the assembly line in the company's manufacturing shop. Yes, after we tested out a dozen solutions and damage a dozen samples.

We sent the product to many professional auto parts shops and the feedback we got was that it was an amazing product, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of price, and we did what most people thought was impossible to do

Today, FATEEYE has developed a range of lighting products with proven design and manufacturing capabilities, exporting products to dozens of countries. Moreover, our philosophy has never deviated from the original line - to provide reliable, high quality and practical products.